Triple Teaz

Meet The Band

Kim Retallick

Kim Retallick, was born and raised in a small Manitoba farming community. Some where around the age of 8, Kim began performing at local community events and listening intensely to her mother’s country and Celtic LP’s on the family’s old portable turntable.  Kim's appetite for music followed her through her childhood and at the age of 14, her parents bought Kim her first guitar.  During her teenage years Kim would discover rock & roll and eventually the blues.

Kim’s influences are vast and include Patsy Cline, Koko Taylor, Etta James, Janice Joplin, Grace Slick,  The Rolling Stones, AC DC, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Peter Green, Free, Buddy Guy, and ZZ Top to name a few.    

Today, Kim has taken her strong vocals, high energy, and rocking style to the stage where you will find her fronting one of Calgary’s finest groups, The Triple Teaz.  Kim is currently writing original material for a forth coming CD and plans to see where she can take this amazing adventure next!      

John Heals

John Heals, was born in London Ontario.  As an army brat, John moved around a lot, and wouldn't know London if he was standing in the middle of down town. "I consider Calgary my hometown..." he says.

John started playing guitar at the age of 15 and quickly formed an attachment to Blues and Rock of the late 60's and early 70's.

Influenced early on by Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Ritchie Blackmore, Leslie West and Brian May, John also listens to newer musical sources and continues to develop his style.

John loves tearing it up in front of a live audience, and is living the best time of his life.



Mike Retallick

Mike Retallick was born in Toronto, Ontario and lived there until his early teens when he moved to Winnipeg to attend high school. Mike started playing in various bands in and around the Winnipeg area as music became the driving force behind everything he did.

Influenced by the likes of Willie Dixon, Tommy Shannon, Bill Wyman, James Jamerson, Darrel Jones, and Dusty Hill, Mike has also been influence by various artists and genres such as The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan Led Zeppelin, BB King, Deep Purple, Bob Marley, The Doors, Muddy Waters, ZZ Top and Jimi Hendrix.

In 1999 Mike traveled to Chicago, were he attended a jam session at Buddy Guy’s Legends, performing in front of Buddy Guy himself. “I got a chance to speak with Buddy and I found him full of incredible stories. To this day he continues to be a major influence on my music”.

Since the beginning, Mike has played in numerous blues and rock projects with some incredible players. He has many wonderful memories and continues to share a lot of great moments with fellow musicians and the audiences he performs to. Music for Mike is an ongoing adventure and he looks forward everyday to the continuing journey.

Jim Llewellyn

Jim Llewellyn grew up in Drumheller, AB.  His mother, father, uncle and grandfather were all musicians. Jim started playing professionally in local clubs at the age of 15.

Jim moved to Calgary in 1972 and started playing with local rock bands doing one nighters all over Alberta and BC.   While in one of the bands, Storm, they became Bo Diddley’s rythmn section for some Alberta shows.

In 1975 Jim joined Painter, a Calgary recording act. They soon changed their name to Hammersmith and toured the US and Canada warming up for all the big acts of the time including Rod Stewart, Kansas, Styx, Rick Wakeman, and Jethro Tull etc.  When Barrie Barlow the drummer for Jethro Tull decided to leave for personal reasons Jim was offered the gig with Jethro Tull.  Barrie decided to stay with Jethro Tull.

 After leaving Hammersmith Jim returned to Calgary to play in a Reggae/Funk band called Shango. After Shango, Jim worked as a freelance drummer playing with all kinds of music live and in the studio as well as teaching and doing drum clinics for Mother’s Music Calgary.

 He toured with the recording artists the Alan Sisters (The Tommy Hunter Show).  While doing studio work Jim met up with Gaye Delorme and played with him, Sherry Kennedy, Cindy McLeod as well as others in the Calgary jazz scene.  Jim also had his own jazz/fusion band and was featured in a local TV show.  Jim performed in other TV shows with Celebration, a local jazz/rock/fusion band, and 20/20 featuring Karen Case.

 Enjoying all kinds of music, Jim has played all styles of music including rock, jazz, latin, funk, reggae, country, blues, big band, in far too many bands to name.